All Moon faucet

The cryptocurrency distribution service contains five main Moon and two other faucets. Users are given the opportunity to collect coins such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Each faucet opens in a new browser window. Registration for them is carried out by e-mail, which corresponds to the one specified during authorization on Coinpot, where all collected cryptocurrency is sent from all Moon and other faucets.

Below are all five moon cranes. To go to the interesting one, click on the name or picture, as well as read the important information about moon cranes below.

Actual cranes moon

Moon Bitcoin Moon Litecoin Moon Dogecoin Moon Dash

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]]>Moon Litecoin faucet]]>

]]>moon doge faucet]]>

]]>Moon Dash faucet]]>

Moon Bitcoin Cash BitFun Bonusbitcoin  

]]>moon botcoin cash faucet]]>

]]>bitfun faucet]]>

]]>bonusbotcoin faucet]]>


To withdraw cryptocurrencies from all of the above sites, it is convenient to use the FaucePay service, which will allow you to accumulate all collected funds to one wallet address. In addition, on this platform dozens of sites that distribute various cryptocurrencies are collected.

Next, you will learn:

  • what are Challenges on CoinPot;
  • several options for withdrawing cryptocurrency from moon faucets;
  • important information about the link between moon and coinpot accounts;
  • advantages and features of the presented cranes;
  • two additional crypto faucets for coinpots.
  • minimum amounts for withdrawal and replenishment

We always try to tell and give information about all the possibilities and answer questions related to these sites. Therefore, if you have any difficulties and / or misunderstanding of how to work, output, etc., then do not hesitate to write in the comments to this article.

Challenges CoinPot

For everyone who works with the Moon series faucets, it will be pleasant to learn about a new opportunity from the CoinPot service, where all the coins you collect are accumulated, and Tokens are also issued as an additional bonus. The CoinPot service has launched the Challenges section - this is a very interesting system for increasing your earnings for each action. You can read more about it in your account in the appropriate Challenges section, as well as see the statistics online.

Challenges in Brief

The new Challenges system launched on March 1, 2019. It is a simple and interesting way to earn additional Tokens just for the fact that you continue to visit and collect moon coins from the taps, as well as for actions on the CoinPot website itself: games, multiplayer, lotteries, etc.

  1. All available challenges are listed on the Challenges page in your account.

  2. Each challenge has 5 difficulty levels

  3. For each completed challenge, you will be awarded from 1 star to 5 stars, depending on the level completed

  4. In addition, you will be credited with 100 CoinPot Token (s) for each star received

  5. For example: after completing the 4th level task, you will receive 4 stars, which is equal to 400 CoinPot Tokens

  6. Some tasks can be repeated (for example: every day or month), so they can be done over and over again!

  7. The CoinPot website uses UTC date and time to determine when each day and month starts and ends.

  8. Every month, the top 25 users who have collected the most stars will receive additional prizes (up to 10 million tokens), paid exactly in CoinPot tokens

  9. You can watch the monthly leaderboard online and see how you are doing this month.

Use ALL SEVEN CoinPot faucets for better results.

The advantages and features of moon cranes:

  1. An important and probably the main advantage of these cranes is that coins are mined even in your absence. You are required to periodically log in and collect cryptocurrency.
  2. Collecting coins can be done every 5 minutes, the more often you do it, the faster they accumulate. The rate at which coins appear after each collection is higher than after some time.


  • for daily visits and collecting coins, a daily bonus is awarded, which will increase by 1% and so on up to 100%. But if you miss at least one day, the bonus will be reset and all over again.
  • bonus for invited referrals. Invite your friends and advertise moon taps on the internet. Read about the affiliate program below.
  • additional reward for completing surveys and completing assignments (from 5% to 100%). This type of bonus is available only on the MoonBitcoin faucet.
  • mystical bonus. A completely unknown variable and yet always positive! You can be present on the site of the faucet and / or try to click on ads, but this does not give a guaranteed increase in this bonus, for that they are mystical.

Description of the affiliate program on the MoonBitcoin faucet

50% Lifetime Commission + Up to 100% Bonus! Send your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Bitcoin Faucet and get a massive 50% commission on all your picker bids! All commission payments are instantly paid into your CoinPot account.

For every active referral you have, you will receive a 1% bonus (up to a maximum of 100%) added to every claim you make from the collector. (A referral is considered "active" if he made at least 1 request for faucets in the previous 72 hours).

Description of the affiliate program for the Moon Dogecoin and Moon Litecoin faucets (the same conditions)

25% Lifetime Commission + Up to 100% Bonus! Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Dogecoin and get 25% lifetime commission on all your faucet claims! All commission payments are instantly paid into your CoinPot account.

Plus, for every active referral you have, you will receive a 1% bonus (up to a maximum of 100%) added to every claim you make from the collector. (A referral is considered "active" if he made at least 1 request for faucets in the previous 72 hours)

We hope we were able to convey to you the most important information and you can easily figure it out. Use all the taps to collect satoshi, so you can achieve your goals faster.

In general, we recommend these projects. They have been working for a long time and we wish them to work even longer.

Minimum withdrawals and deposits

On August 5, 2019, changes to the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount came into effect on Coinpot. They are associated with fluctuations in the value of coins that are supported in CoinPot. Now, be careful when withdrawing cryptocurrencies and pay attention to this.

IMPORTANT: Any deposits received for an amount less than the minimum amount indicated below WILL NOT BE CROWNED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

Bitcoin Core (BTC)

Minimum deposit amount: 0.001 BTC

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0001 BTC

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Minimum deposit amount: 0.01 BCH

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 BCH

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Minimum deposit amount: 1000 doge

Minimum withdrawal amount: 100 doge

Litecoin (LTC)

Minimum deposit amount: 0.01 LTC

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.002 LTC

Dash (DASH)

Minimum deposit amount: 0.02 dash

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.002 dash

Арбитраж трафика и Партнерские сети CPA

В этой статье мы собираемся обсудить бизнес-модель арбитража и то, как можно заработать на арбитраже онлайн-трафика. Арбитраж трафика требует терпения, некоторых вложений, хорошего знания рекламных сетей и множества испытаний. Однако в качестве отказа от ответственности я хотел бы упомянуть, что AdSense строго контролирует веб-сайты MFA и может вызвать у вас проблемы, если вы покупаете трафик из источников, которые считаются скомпрометированными.

Интернет предлагает множество способов заработка, в том числе партнерские (совместные) программы, принять участие в которых может любой желающий веб-мастер или владелец сайта. Партнерские программы - едва ли не самый популярный способ заработка в сети Интернет. Если вы хотите, чтобы ваш сайт начал работать на вас, принося стабильный доход, то нужно найти достойное предложение о партнерстве.

Сколько и как можно заработать на арбитраже с партнерскими программами. Простое объяснение с примерами как работает схема заработка на арбитраже трафика и какие деньги здесь возможно получать.

Предлагаем Вам познакомиться с лучшими партнерскими программами CPA, позволяющие зарабатывать на арбитраже трафика. Здесь предствалены только крупнейшие CPA-сети, которые пользуются повышенным вниманием среди рекламодателей и веб-мастеров.

Последние материалы

Если у вас есть биткойн, вы, вероятно, ищете способы развития своей криптовалюты и, возможно, слышали о ставках биткойнов. Но что такое биткойн-стейкинг и действительно ли криптовалютный стейкинг прибылен? Это может быть прибыльным, если вы примете правильные решения, но еще есть чему поучиться, прежде чем вы начнете ставить свои биткойны.

Binance pool - майнинг ферма

Binance становится основной платформой для майнеров благодаря выгодным условиям храниния криптовалюты, её дальнейшего обмена и вывода в фиатной валюте. Разбираемся, почему майнеры выбирают криптовалютную биржу Binance.

PTCSpin - кран 4 (четырех) криптовалют: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum и Litecoin. Включает в себя так же заработок на PTC рекламе или просмотре сайтов за соответствующую криптовалюту. Узнайте больше о крипто-кране PTCSpin.

FaucetSpin - криптовалютный кран

FaucetSpin - один из лучших кранов криптовалют с выводом на мульти-кошелек FaucetPay. Сборщик криптовалют FaucetSpin раздает сразу 4 (четыре) самых популярных валюты Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum и Litecoin, а так же предлагает своим пользователям зарабатывать криптовалюту на просмотре рекламы PTC.

Многие пользователи расстроены тем, что CoinPot закрылся. CoinPot был одним из самых посещаемых криптовалютных кранов в отрасли и закрылся в январе 2021 года. Однако есть отличные альтернативы CoinPot с более высокими вознаграждениями и еще лучшим пользовательским интерфейсом